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Public electric vehicle charging solutions

What supporting EV drivers can do for your business or local area

To bring people into your business or local area, you need to make it easy for them to travel.

Businesses and organisations that install electric vehicle (EV) public chargers on site are more likely to attract EV drivers who need somewhere to charge their electric vehicles while travelling.

You see, electric vehicle drivers get what’s known as ‘range anxiety’ when their batteries are about to run out.

Installing an electric vehicle public charger on your site means people will stop and stay longer. They’ll shop, eat, and spend more time and money in your area.

What would that do for your business or local area? 

Case study: Koo Wee Rup

High traffic public electric car charger in the gateway to Gippsland and Phillip Island, Koo Wee Rup

For EV owners travelling to Phillip Island, Wonthaggi and the rest of Bass Coast Shire, the EV charger at Koo Wee Rup is a mandatory stop off. The charger enables travellers to top up their battery and top up themselves with something from the bakery or local shops.

The charger is one of the most popular destination chargers in Victoria and has created a new income stream for the shops and businesses in Koo Wee Rup.

The town sees plenty of check-ins and anecdotes about meals and coffees bought at the nearby cafes and restaurants. It’s become a prime stop-off point for travellers between Melbourne and the Bass Coast Shire.

This modest investment for the venue owner has generated large, regular revenue for the town and local businesses. 

Case study: Westfield Woden

Westfield Woden EV charging for shoppers

Shortly after the installation of two Cylon chargers at Westfield Woden Shopping Centre, the centre Facilities Manager observed that the charging stations were often occupied.

Even without any publicity and the allocated parking spaces not being in prominent locations, the stations were still 'discovered' by EV owners. Word spread amongst electric vehicle drivers via social media and word of mouth, and the location was posted on the popular EV app, Plugshare.

The stations are clearly well frequented and popular with all EV users during their shopping experience. In a recent survey, EV owners revealed that they would prioritise a location with EV charging to one without. Consumers of Westfield Woden now see the location as a convenient charging stop thus have become loyal to the brand.

Case study: Klaus Multiparking Australia

Car stacker systems are increasingly popular as space in our urban centres becomes premium real estate. Car stackers enable one vehicle to be parked on top of another on what are known as 'parking pallets'.

Klaus Multiparking Australia approached us to help them better understand how to integrate charging into a frequently moving, dynamic car stacker system.

A small, but important issue is accessibility around vehicles parked in a stacker system is often more constrained than in a normal parking space.

A cable management solution was designed to create a foolproof process that avoided the potential for 'snipping' as parking pallets moved around the system. We made sure this was compatible with every electric vehicle.

Finally, an intelligent system was set up so they could monitor and bill energy usage so body corporate and building managers had the confidence to approve EV charging solutions.

Why get EV charging with us

EV owners deserve elegant, efficient, and family-friendly charging options. In their neighbourhoods. And in the places they work, shop, and play.

Appealing and attractive public EV charging spaces:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of electric vehicles
  • Accelerate the transition to low-emission transport for cleaner cities and a brighter future

We can help you install, manage, maintain, and monetise your EV chargers and software. This will make it easy for you to support EV drivers in your community and lower emissions.

Your organisation will truly be doing its part to contribute to a better future for your community.

Locals turn to us for their EV charging stations

Council and government, fleet managers, businesses, retail, developers, auto and petrol, tourism and accommodation site owners. More examples of those leading the EV charge for their communities include:

Mitcham Council

Mitcham Council contracted us to set up fast EV recharging stations to provide a great service for residents in the area who are committed to reducing transport emissions.

Komatsu Construction

Earth-moving equipment company Komatsu Construction’s chargers quickly saw impressive use by both staff and visitors: 20 ports in one location made it a key EV charging hub in the area.

The City of Stonnington

The City of Stonnington showed its commitment to the environment and their community by being one of the first councils to set up EV charging infrastructure. It wanted to be ready when the community fully embraces electric vehicles.

Why choose us

Competitive pricing

We understand businesses and organisations are doing it tough. That’s why we’re constantly streamlining our chargers, charging software, service, and the processes behind them.

We’ve got almost a decade of experience behind us, which is why we can offer you our products and services at competitive costs.

Yet we offer so much more than great pricing…

Leaders in the Aussie EV market since 2015

We’re EV pioneers with more years and experience in the industry than any other EV business in Australia. We’re a 100% Aussie business committed to building local manufacturing, skills and jobs.

That’s why we build and supply our own Victorian-made AC charging units, as well as DC units made in Queensland—the only Australian EV charging network to do so. And our vehicle charging software will work with almost every charger on the market.

Customers trust us for our long-term track record for reliability and service, along with our passion for EV advocacy, education, and innovation, with both the chargers and software manufactured and supported locally.

We start trends in Australia, anticipated from the more mature global EV market. For instance, our software offers you a way to monetise your investment by making it easy for EV drivers to tap and go. This was an idea from the UK market that we’ve brought early to Australia because we anticipate the need for it.

Get a good return on your investment

Monetising your EV charging venue is as easy as tap, plug & pay. Our Paypass solution can be integrated during installation or retrofitted later. This innovative payment gateway is compatible with every charging unit on sale in Australia and can accept payments from all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

EV drivers simply pull up to the dedicated charging bay, choose the amount of time they'd like to charge up for (in 30-minute increments), and then tap their card or phone to initiate the charging session. Easy. Convenient. No hassles. And you’ll quickly make back your investment.

Lead your community to a brighter future while reaching your sustainability goals with public electric charging.

In 2017, there were 3 million EVs on the road globally—double the number of low-emission vehicles running in 2016. At the start of 2019, automotive manufacturers invested over $150 billion to produce electric vehicles. There’s strong, increasing demand in overseas markets. Electric vehicles are moving into mainstream use in Australia and New Zealand and the community will need your help to run their electric vehicles.

Compliance and warranty on products and services

We take safety seriously and that includes meeting strict standards in Australia and New Zealand. We're registered as Responsible Suppliers under the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) to ensure our electrical work and products are safe. Our services in New Zealand comply with NZ Worksafe.

Our customers appreciate the peace of mind we offer from having reliable 24/7 local support. If something goes wrong, we'll fix it.

Expert, local and impartial consultation

Our support staff are chosen carefully. They’re passionate about EVs and meticulously trained so they can be your one point of call when you need a hand. 

Most of us are EV owners ourselves and we understand how to charge efficiently and your main concerns as an EV charger provider.

We’re dedicated to giving your EV drivers the best possible experience at your EV charging station, including 24/7 support—because we know electric vehicle drivers don’t drive on a 9-5 schedule. 

End-to-end project management

It can be daunting delving into the world of EV. The EV revolution is only just beginning to pick up speed and there are many aspects to consider, some of them technical.

You can trust us to speak simply so you get the big picture and can easily make decisions without being unnecessarily overwhelmed with technical details.

From initial discussion to delivery, our accredited PMI (Project Management Institute) project managers will guide you through a proven process to ensure all aspects of your project are successful. And we’ll bring all stakeholders on board.

Custom fabrication

Need pedestals or protection barriers for home or commercial EV charging units? We can design and fabricate anything you need using our local fabrication partners and facilities.

Keeping our operations local means we can deliver what you need quickly, to the highest standard. Communication is easier and if any tweaks are needed, these can be made easily.

Nationwide coverage

No matter your location, our team will support you with delivery, installation and service across Australia and New Zealand. Call our service centre and you’ll speak to an Aussie local with electric vehicle expertise. What’s more, we always have stock on hand, ready to ship.

This reassurance has become more important over the past few years. It’s why so many organisations choose to partner with us rather than leave their EV drivers stranded due to cheap overseas software, unreliable products, or problematic charging stations.

These are all reasons why businesses such as Westfield, Marriot, and Byron Shire Council have installed EVUp electric vehicle chargers.

Be the change. And be acknowledged as a leader in the charge for a brighter future for your community.

EVUp. Charge happy.