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Evo Group

EvoGroup is a green tech business based in Melbourne. When people in the industry think of electric vehicle chargers, they think of us. That’s because we are the first Australian business to manufacture electric vehicle chargers and software.

We’ve been innovating and inspiring electric car enthusiasts since 2015.

We make and supply the AURIGA, the only AC electric vehicle charger made in Australia. We created the software that runs it and also supply EV equipment, do conversions, and offer local support and consulting to both EV drivers and EV charging providers.

Leading the way to zero-emission transport

Many Aussie drivers are gradually making their way to electric—we anticipate 339,000 EVs on Australian roads by 2025.

EvoGroup is leading the EVolution to zero-emission transport in Australia and New Zealand.

Unlike the rest, we’ve had almost a decade to create, refine, and deliver to electric vehicle owners and organisations that support electric vehicle charging.

We’re also training the next generation of e-mechanics in EV conversion, servicing knowledge, and safety. This will save millions of fuelled vehicles from landfill.

If you’re after value, quality, and service, EVoGroup is here to help.

Save money

Affordable packages tailored for a range of budgets and uses.

Competitively priced products and services that avoid future expenses so you save money while saving the earth.

Get quality

Durable Australian products made to rigorous standards for safety and peace of mind.

Adapted to the local conditions and backed by warranty.

Enjoy service

Enjoy long-term support from local EV specialists who are passionate and skilled when it comes to EVs.

24/7 customer service support by locals for locals. 

Our Capabilities


  • Consult & customer design  
  • Nationwide Aus & NZ
  • Installations
  • Coding / DevOps
  • Vehicle Servicing
  • e-mobility training
  • Support & maintenance  
  • ICE to EV conversions


  • Distributors for leading Australian & international brands
  • World leading intelligent EV charging infrastructure & technology
  • Charging products (including the AURIGA charger) designed & made in-house


  • National rollouts for major automotive franchises
  • DC fast charger installations for charge point operators
  • Local government partnerships
  • Shopping centre charging infrastructure
  • Commercial and classic vehicle conversions

Our businesses


EVolution provides solar-smart charging for electric vehicles with portable, wall or floor mounted charging for homes or commercial sites.

This makes it convenient and affordable for EV drivers to power up for every trip. Our friendly EV charging experts will deliver and install your charger quickly and easily.

Electric Car Cafe

Electric Car Cafe converts classic cars to electric vehicles. Our in-house EV specialists build practical, comfortable, silent electric vehicles that are a joy to drive each day.

We’re also training the next generation of e-mechanics to save millions of fuelled vehicles from landfill and to create a better future for your kids, and ours.


EVUp provides councils and businesses with public electric vehicle charging stations to support EV drivers and lead the way to zero-emissions.  

We offer unmatched reliability and local support as the only Aussie EV charging network to offer charging units made in Australia.