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Electric Car Café

Classic car conversions.

Do you drive a vehicle you love that’s unique, but is costing you time and money in repairs or maintenance?

Taking out the old and replacing it with leading technology gives you the opportunity to restore the car you love, and move into the world of electric driving.

Our team specialises in bespoke, one-off conversions of classic and specialist vehicles. We also repair, service, and do pre-purchase inspections.

For us, the nostalgia is what drives us to rescue iconic cars from ending up in the scrapyard and we believe it is the ultimate recycling project. 

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How we can help you

When you work with the Electric Car Cafe team to retrofit your private, specialist or fleet vehicles you'll:

  • Partner with experts leading the Aussie conversion sector
  • Piggyback on innovation that makes conversion faster than usual
  • Love your unique, high quality conversion
  • Get incredible value for money
  • Have long-term support with repairs and servicing.

We build practical, comfortable electric vehicles that are daily drivers…not showpieces that only come out on weekends.

Partner with experts in the only professional conversion workshop in Victoria

We understand that your car means a lot to you. And conversion can be expensive.

The good news is you’ll get the benefit of innovation and initiatives that are breaking down the time and cost barriers to retrofitting classic and specialist vehicles.

You see, the Electric Car Cafe is the only professional conversion workshop in Victoria. Not just that, we’re pioneers in Australia's electric classic car conversion sector.

For almost a decade, our team have led Australia's electric classic car conversion sector, specialising in creating unique, high-quality electric cars.

The team

Our EV specialists work in-house. We envision, design, fabricate, and convert cars—day-in, day-out.

Some of us are pretty new to the sector, some have worked on pioneering conversion projects, and others started in related industries.

Our team always has an in-house:

  • Project Manager
  • Conversions Director
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanic
  • Fabricator

We’re also training the next generation of e-mechanics in EV conversion, servicing knowledge, and safety. This will save millions of fuelled vehicles from landfill.

We specialise in turnkey conversions—you drive in your ICE (internal combustion engine vehicle), we’ll drive out your new EV. Every new build starts with a meeting over coffee and the preparation of an engineering plan.

On top of that, we're all passionate about recycling internal combustion vehicles into smooth, silent daily drivers.

Let’s collaborate on your build and create a reimagined electric vehicle that drives like a silent dream.

Let us help you breathe new life into your vehicle.  
Take your car for a drive on the electric highway.