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We all deserve cleaner cities and a better future  

We’re passionate about building a sustainable green tech business that aims to be kind to people and the planet.
To impact the planet, we need to start local. Within our businesses. With people. With manufacturing. With constant innovations to care for the world we live in.

Our sustainable practices include:  

Closed loop EV equipment

Did you know your EV charging cable equals five meals for Aussies doing it tough? We’re closing the loop on EV equipment by taking responsibility for what happens afterwards.

Post us your old or damaged EV charging cable or wall unit. It will be placed into an e-waste bin and collected by e-waste recycler, Pony Up For Good. They'll recycle it and send 50% of the profits to SecondBite.   

Head office solar system

Our Melbourne headquarters is completely powered by the sun…even our onsite EV charging.

Our 15kW solar system has been designed to power all workshop and office activities. It also supplies EV charging power, free for EV drivers.

Meeting offsets

We collaborate online or by phone. When travel is unavoidable, we offset our air or road miles by planting trees through social enterprise, With One Seed.    

Click & Collect

If you want to pick up your EV charging cable or unit, give us a yell and we’ll tell you the closest click and collect location.

This cuts our carbon footprint as it allows us to ship products in bulk, rather than as single items.

Our team lives and breathes EVs

Every person in our team is passionate about electric vehicles and either owns one themselves, or has driven plenty of them.

This helps us better understand the fears, feelings, and needs of EV drivers. We complement this with in-depth EV training to ensure every team member plays an important role in making the EV driver’s experience incredible.    


It’s a pleasure for us to give young Aussies the opportunity to intern with us and learn from our wonderful EV specialists.

Interns can work in a range of areas, from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) to EV conversions in our head office workshop in Melbourne.  

Charging hardware research and development

Our team is consistently looking for ways to improve EV driver charging experiences. One of the ways we do this is by staying in touch with the EV community—through online forums, conferences, and other events.

We also keep an eye on market trends from more mature overseas markets, such as the UK. For instance, UK drivers are used to easy tap and go billing.

We anticipate the demand for credit card billing will increase in Australia, so we now offer a payment system compatible with all brands of charging stations that can be integrated into our EV charging unit.

Local manufacturing

We are the proud manufacturers of the AURIGA unit, the only AC charger to be made in Australia. This makes us the only Australian EV charging network to offer locally made AC and DC charging.

Central to the EV infrastructure is the installation of AURIGA, an Aussie-made EV charger. It uses green technology so it’s sustainable—financially, socially, and environmentally.

Support for local schools

We partner with schools to encourage the next generation to improve current EV technology.

Our team has donated batteries and other equipment to schools that are designing and racing their own electric and solar powered vehicles.

Schools such as Chairo Christian College, whose students competed in the Energy Breakthrough Eracing project, a 24-hour race in country Victoria.

Case study: Aventus Group

Aventus Group partnered with EVolution Australia to install monitored and managed EV charging stations at two of their 18 locations across Australia.

The dual-port 22kW AURA chargers by ChargeAmps were installed at Cranbourne Home and Peninsula Home in 2019 and are free for EV drivers to use.

The AURA can provide 40-120kms of battery-powered driving for every hour of charge, depending on the type of electric vehicle.

"As sector leaders we have a role in driving industry best practice, as well as supporting initiatives that encourage the use of electric vehicles, as well as other sustainability initiatives and processes.” 
- Darren Holland, CEO Aventus Group


“The AURIGA’S modular, closed loop design is the perfect fit for our community / Council electric vehicle charging project partnership. We also loved the fact it’s made in Victoria and that we’re supporting local business.
It means EV drivers will visit and stay in Buninyong for longer and spend money with local traders. The EVUp team were extremely responsive and professional, passionate experts in electric vehicle charging infrastructure and we couldn’t have delivered this project without them.​”
- Andrew Aitken, Buninyong Sustainability Group

“We need agility to service all technologies moving forward, especially in the automotive race to zero-emission targets. Our EV charging network is a customer-driven imperative and we have seen a positive interest from day one of installation.”
- Steve Grossrieder, JAX Tyres CEO